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I have been using GrandCentral for a couple weeks and love it. It has a ton of great features, but the best part is this:
I have a new local phone number, courtesy of GC, which allows people to reach me, regardless of whether I am out and about or at home. The new local number rings on all the phone numbers I specify – at the same time!! Not only does the call ring on my home landline AND my cell at the same time, giving me the choice of taking the call on either – my kitchen has lousy cell-reception – but I can also switch the call seamlessly. If I get home while talking on my cell, I can easily transfer the call to my landline to continue the conversation. Or, if I am on a call in my house and need to leave, I can switch the call to my cell in a second… And wait, that’s not all. If I am annoyed with somebody, I can send all of their calls straight to voice mail… and visual voicemail rocks. Don’t need to listen to these messages – just let me hear that one… One number for all your phones, for life – or for at least as long as you subscribe to GrandCentral.

I hope this service goes international at some point. Just imagine, traveling or living anywhere, while your friends or business associates can always reach you at one particular number… you just change the settings depending on where you are and what phone service you use… Brilliant!!!

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  1. llindaskaye

    ottmar and friendes, thankyou so much for this sharinge…i wish you all the happiest of holidayes…what a coole inventione…i am still in awe of the telephone…i am learninge the Bare Necessities on my acoustic guitar nowe…i love your pictures as i have not been out west in too many years to mentione…we are havinge a warm spell nowe and somehow it is fittinge…alwayes, llindaskaye *******


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