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It is an old and ironic habit of human beings to run faster when we have lost our way.
– Rollo May

From the Upaya Newsletter


  1. Will

    Very well said. Stop, contemplate, and then find a way. There is never a need to panic, life is what it is, one just needs to slow down and get in tune with the music that is life.

  2. Alice*******

    ottmar and friendes, when i feel compelled to “hurry-panic” i reminde myself…there are a lot of people…all doing somethinge…all at the same time…and i finde that calminge somehowe…alwayes, Alice

  3. Carol

    Good ideas both… when I’m feeling that “Which way, Which way?!” I sit down with a cup of coffee likely and make a list in order of priorities, and know I won’t feel badly if I don’t get through but two or three. In fact writing seems to help me realize most of them are not very crucial at that.
    “in tune with the music that is life.” I like that. Thanks.


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