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02007-11-14 | Travel | 2 comments

Had some of the best coffee on the planet today. Been having a great time in South America on the Toto tour. Got to meet Mario Parmisano in Buenos Aires, Argentina who is an amazing pianist and a really great guy. Also when I was at a club in Santiago, Chile, Luke introduced me to Steve Vai and his band. First time meeting Steve and he is really nice, the band guys were great as well. Steve asked me to say hi to Ottmar. We all had a great hang and a local band played a 45 min. set of nothing but Toto songs, it was a trip.


  1. victor

    Wow… that sounds very cool. I wonder if you could all get together and jam out and create some very cool music. Sounds like Stevo is having a great time. And then to top if off a great cup of coffee.

  2. Jacqueline

    Amazing when you meet ordinary people just like you! Blessed with a gift, just like you! Exchanges of Idea’s ,and saying Hi to You! Remarkable the hours of practice. The connections of passions , and yet , is it just a job,
    Did you get your message on through. Could it be , connections , make others stand apart, introduced your site to another young man! Who said” I did not know.” When asked how old you were, I said what does it matter! He touched your heart, has the same interest, and will lead you in another direction. Music and Ideas truly universal. Read learn , participate and share!
    The reaction, was exceptional! Coffee and houses , waiting to rise.



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