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I recently mentioned that I was checking out different brands of strings as well as various combinations of different brands – usually one brand’s trebles with another brand’s bass strings…

Well, I tried a bunch, but in the end I liked the D’Addario strings best. I am still using the Pro-Arte Composite set – normal tension, but fell in love with the new Titanium Trebles, which Keith turned me on to. Unfortunate name, methinks. Nothing Titanium about them as far as I know.
Here is a little blurb I found about them. Unfortunately they have to be ordered individually and now I have four strings leftover, whenever I re-string my guitar – the three compostite trebles and the extra nylon G they have in that set.


  1. Adam Solomon

    I’m on my first set of Pro Arte Composites after using normal Pro Artes (and a set of Hannabach flamencos once after finding them in Granada – never again!! :) ). Cool strings. I’ll have to check out the Titanium trebles…

  2. David


    I like the D’addario titanium trebles with the La Bella 2001 Flamenco normal tension for the basses. This is my favorite combo for now. The titanium trebles sound better to me after they have been played a little bit. With this combo I get a better balance between the treble strings and the bass strings, especially the g string and the d string. At you can get separate strings, or treble and bass combos, etc..


  3. Mel

    D’addario T2 normals for trebles and Luthier 30 basses for my blanca.


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