Eight Years Ago – 1999

02007-11-04 | Internet | 4 comments

Will parents begin to give their offspring more unusual names, so that it will be easier for them to aquire a unique email address rather than be known as Frank5304@aol.com?


  1. Carol

    Well, people named Anderson should never name their sons Michael John Anderson. We should have named him Algernon or something.

  2. Carol

    But when one family decides to name their offspring an unusual name, right soon it’s everywhere. We have two Aidyn’s in our family now. I guess Michael’s okay after all.

  3. mick

    well, it is already now uncool for my kids and their friends to have an email like john@itube.com, they name themselves adrian069_444 or felixfelixfelix@ and therefore have adapted to the greyness of straight names. they also like to change it every 2 months and consider it to be your problem if you cannot catch up.


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