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Brain Activity Differs For Creative And Noncreative Thinkers
A new study led by John Kounios, professor of Psychology at Drexel University and Mark Jung-Beeman of Northwestern University answers these questions by comparing the brain activity of creative and noncreative problem solvers. The study, published in the journal Neuropsychologia, reveals a distinct pattern of brain activity, even at rest, in people who tend to solve problems with a sudden creative insight — an “Aha! Moment” – compared to people who tend to solve problems more methodically.

This program on the “Zen Brain” at Upaya looks very interesting.


  1. Dave

    That program does look great! I wish I had more vacation time. I’m a big fan of Austin’s books. But… Any time spent in retreat during the coming year is time not spent backpacking Europe with my son this coming summer. I wonder how my new boss feels about unpaid leave. :-)

  2. Dave

    Well… My boss is cool with the extra time off to do the program w/o cutting into my time w/ my son. I’m sooo there. :-)

  3. ericc

    very interesting article. i wonder, what exactly is taking place in the brain during those remote associations? what exactly is bouncing around my brain that adds up everything to create that “Aha” moment?

  4. Linda Oneil

    Hi…I Googled for , but found your page about Brain Activity…and have to say thanks. nice read.


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