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We just finished a rehearsal for Saturday. Since Stephen had a previous commitment and Davo thought he might not be here I had asked Barrett Martin and Robby Rothschild to play the WaveFest at the Greek Theater with Jon and I. But, since Davo is around and I was a little worried about playing with two drummers who were both unfamiliar with the current set, the quartet playing on Saturday will be Davo, Robby, Jon and I.

Davo and Robby each have a cajon and a djembe and the rhythm they create together is positively intoxicating…

On one song they both play djembe and I couldn’t hear my guitar, which is not amplified during rehearsals… but it was sweet, a groove as solid as an old-growth forrest or a mountain…

We’ll start playing at 7PM on Saturday evening at the Greek Theater.


  1. Luz

    What I’d give to attend that show! Any samples from that nights performance for the Listening Lounge? ;-)

  2. Adam Solomon

    Fantastic – the Greek is a really cool venue. What is WaveFest?

  3. Adam Solomon

    BTW, cool to see Robby’s back. Will the kora be making an appearance?

  4. Boris

    If by any means possible, would you mind recording a drum duet by Davo and Robby? That should be fantastic………..

  5. mario

    Boy! What a great show that will be!


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