Up Close: the Fritz Files

02007-09-25 | Binaural | 5 comments

I added a new free track to Up Close: the Fritz Files, named “Entrance and Tuning”. It’s free and only available in the form of 128 and 192kbps files. The track showcases the surround-quality of binaural dummy-head recording very well and is deliciously creepy, because every time I listen to it and hear the footsteps, then the door opening, then more footsteps I think somebody is coming into my room – and look around… Think of it as my early Halloween present to you! Enjoy!


  1. Mark

    Will the Fritz files be a real cd to purchase one day?

  2. Anna

    Thank you Ottmar!!

    Happy Halloween.

  3. Eddie

    i looked to my door…haha

  4. Carol

    The name “Up Close” really works well for the Fritz recordings. I’m sitting here right now on the other computer , and the percussionist is up on the bookcase behind me, and Jon is by my window and you’re so close you’re in my head. and so much is going on all around me. What an exciting experience.
    I finally got some good headphones. What a difference. You sure keep us growing with you. Such fun!


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