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Street Use: You Can’t Have Too Many Screens
I suggested to the film team that we would be surrounded by a single seamless screen in an arc, and that we would stand up and gesture into it. I had observed that when you think on your feet you have different thoughts. I like to think while I walk or pace because I feel my whole body is thinking then. It may turn out to be a short-term anomaly that today we think while we are sitting. Perhaps if the right technology were around we’d always think with our entire body in motion.
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  1. Dawn

    If my work place had this technology, I would be more valuable to them and myself. Instead, I’m confined to this desk job with an attention spand of about 10 seconds. It’s true, you think differently in motion or on your feet. Enough of my ramblings and back to my boring job.

  2. Dawn

    I can’t even spell right, oops!:-)


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