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02007-09-23 | Phone, Technology | 1 comment

I wish I could have a phone built to order, like some Nike sneakers… I would want:
– a Stereo Mini mic input for my OKMs
– stereo 48/24 recording

Here is what I do like about my Nokia N95:
– I like having Wi-Fi and use Truphone VOIP to call my dad in Austria all the time.
– I like being able to set ANY mp3 file in memory as a ringtone or as an alarm. I use this bell (MindBell3VBR) to wake me up or to time my meditation.
– I like the 5MP camera and I prefer the old N95 with the manual camera-lens protector
– I like that the phone is unlocked and I can use any SIM

What I don’t like? Sluggish OS, lots of buttons (sometimes several buttons do the same thing, and it’s hard to hold the phone without touching at least one button accidentally), battery drains too fast, not enough built-in memory…

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  1. v2or

    I was able to get the ring tone into iTunes and transfer/edit in garage band then one more transfer back to iTuns as a ring tone. Now my iPhone has the Mind Bell as a ring tone and timer tone. The above would be a great phone.


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