Guess This Noise #10

02007-09-01 | Sound, Travel | 11 comments

I have been looking for this sound for quite a while. Hard to find these days.

Here is the solution.


  1. stephen duros

    Some kind of super fancy espresso machine making you a serious coffee?

  2. Victor

    Hum maybe a egg better type of thing or some mixking tool

  3. laurie

    Could it be a train timetable sign in a railroad station giving info about the incoming and outgoing trains? It’s the flipping of the train info as the trains arrive and leave. It sounded just like the ones I remember like the big one in the lobby of Penn Station.

  4. Carol

    My son wonders if it is a ticker tape machine?

  5. Michael Anderson

    One of those signs where all the little tiles flip?

  6. Carol

    And Michael says,” One of those old signs at bus stations where the numbers are on individual little tiles that flip?”

  7. Adam Solomon

    A glacier? Just kidding.

    Something at a train station is my first guess too–having commuted a great many times through Penn Station, Laurie’s guess makes a lot of sense to me, although I don’t recall them being nearly so loud. Perhaps a train itself coming in? Would have to be a very soft train from a bit of a distance though…

  8. Anna

    An old steam train?

  9. Carol

    Train cars going by?

  10. tarcher

    A typewriter in a busy building.


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