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Westhampton PAC - Evening
We always enjoy playing here. The lighting was a little harsh during the second half, but that’s how it goes. A misunderstanding between Stevo and the house LD, perhaps. In 2005 Stephen was our LD, but since last year he has been in the band and we have relied on house lighting guys. Most of the time that is not a problem and sometimes it is great to see what a person who hasn’t worked with us comes up with. Sometimes it is difficult, as you might imagine. During intermission Stephen asked the house lighting guy to pull down the no-colors (meaning white light) a little, because it was very bright and quite hot during the first set. I think the house LD understood that we wanted no colors and that’s what happened. A rather stark second set, visually, was the result. But, one only had to close one’s eyes, because the music was pure magic, of course.


  1. laurie

    thanks for the photos and words about your experiences on this part of your tour, it’s fun to tag along

    leaving for Boston in just a bit – grateful for the opportunity to hear you with the band tonight… have a safe trip up from MD (but you may have already done that by now…)

  2. Jacqueline

    The magic is in the hands, and hearts…Lights go on and off! The music plays on !


  3. Adam Solomon

    haha! Maybe Steve should be doing dual-duty, then :) Boris spotted Steve doing lighting at the Winter Rose show with the string quartet (at Westhampton, actually), I thought there was a picture on his Flickr but can’t find it, might have imagined it. Isn’t it a nice theater, though? Cool acoustics.

  4. ottmar

    Adam: yes, we like the place. Sounds good.

  5. Boris

    Two pictures of Stephen doing lighting at Westhampton PAC do exist, Adam. I took them out of my stream after a while just to focus on the essentials. I liked Westhampton but was so overwhelmed by the surroundings of the show that I had a hard time concentrating on the music. But I still remember how it felt when they played Morning Arrival in Goa, when I heard the first notes of that wonderful song standing in the back of the theatre……

  6. laurie

    thank you for the fabulous shows in Boston last night – will write more about it later

    have a good trip down to NY


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