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Grey Lodge Occult Review :: Issue #14 :: Limitless Mind ::
All of life begins on the edge. The first cellular membranes began at the ocean’s edge, drying out and being covered with foam, cooling and warming. The edge is a place of opportunity, whether it be a seacoast or an airport.

There is a lot more interesting stuff at above link… Ah, the edge… Reminds me of this:

On the fringe is where everything exciting happens, never in the center. Cultures are like spinning circles. In the center they don’t move very much, that’s where the traditionalists live, the conservatives. Towards the rim is where the action is, that’s where the artists hang out. Life is a little more out of balance there and the spinning can make you dizzy. What is most exciting is that many of the culture circles overlap and if you can stay in a spot where several things overlap you can find new clouds of ideas. Ideas are not bound to any individual, they are bound to a time. Many people in that spot will come up with similar ideas. Sometimes this cloud of ideas forms a new circle and the center of it hardens and becomes a new tradition.

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  1. Carol

    I am closer to the center , but I keep my gaze outward toward the creators and artists and appreciate what you out there do…and try to propel myself against the momentum that carries me inward.


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