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02007-07-06 | Computer | 7 comments

If you are new to the Mac (like Y. and M.) allow me to recommend these handy apps:

1. Cocktail clears all sorts of caches and logs. This is not a get-drunk cocktail – this is a get well smoothie…
2. Disk Warrior repairs your computer’s directory. And with harddrives becoming larger and larger there are more and more files to keep track of in that directory.
3. SuperDuper! creates a fully bootable backup. If your Mac’s internal HD takes a dive, you can restart from a backup drive and keep going.
4. Quicksilver is a launcher and so much more. I haven’t used the dock in years. I launch apps and find contacts with Quicksilver. Works great in conjunction with Spotlight. Each has its strength. I use the Command-Space combo to launch Quicksilver and launch Spotlight with F1.

And what will those four fab apps cost you? Quicksilver is free and so the total comes to $142 and change. You can thank me later.

Oops, I forgot this essential app:
5. Yojimbo is a great way to organize information such as notes, bookmarks, web-archives, PDFs, passwords, serial numbers, recipes. You can encrypt data and organize by tags or collections. Yojimbo also plays nicely with Quicksilver… For a widescreen-view hack of Yojimbo check here. (I personally like the widescreen view much better and use a similar hack with Apple Mail.)


  1. Manuel Rangel

    Why not use Time Machine for backup instead of super duper. Time Machine will be free with the new release of leopard.

    I was testing the Beta Version of Leopard and it works really cool.

  2. ottmar

    Sure, sounds good, but I have to backup my studio mac and my laptop somehow in the meantime. :)

  3. Matt Callahan

    I’ll thank you now.

    Loving this machine more and more.

  4. Will

    I am thinking about getting a Macbook, but my IT guy keeps telling me not to. I guess I will keep researching to see what suits me.

  5. Anna

    I am planning on my next machine being a Mac!!! I will need to get a way from Win based products. Open Office or even for the basic user Google office are so much better then MS Office.

    Will your IT guys doesn’t want you to get a Mac, because he doesn’t know Macs. My now former IT guy always said same thing.

  6. Victor

    I think with the Mac support and if you are close to an apple store you may not need you IT guy and he might be afraid that he will lose a client.

  7. Anna

    Victor, my former IT guy does not know Macs. He says he does, but then again he tells a lot of tales….

    He lost me as a client already!


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