Stumptown Coffee Roasters

02007-06-24 | Food, Touring | 2 comments

Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Had a great cup of coffee at the downtown location of Stumptown in Portland this morning. Took a bad photo of it.


  1. Justin

    Great show last night in PDX! The quartet was amazing, especially the percussionist. Kudos for busting out the electric guitar more this time around, sounded awesome.

    Perhaps the Crystal Ballroom or the Aladdin next time? I think the Roseland scares people off. :-(

    Best of luck on the tour, please come back to Portland soon.

  2. Dave

    Stumptown’s great. Despite being a seasoned Seattle coffee drinker, I still feel like a complete neophyte every time my buddy in Portland takes me there. They definitely take their coffee seriously.


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