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It is possible that you have had more Pinot than you know. In the US and New Zealand, two countries known for their fine Pinots, the wines are labeled with the name of the grape, and so are easily identified for what they are. However, many people do not realize that Pinot Noir is a componant of Champagne (along with Chardonnay and Petit Meunier). A Champagne made from 100% Pinot Noir is called a “Blanc de Noirs” (white from black).

Nice intro to Pinot Noir. Continue here.


  1. Carol

    I reallly like it!

  2. Anna

    Ottmar, while on the topic of wine, next time you will be in Australia will you get a chance to visit any of the wineries?

    Last week I had a great pleasure meeting and talking to David Powell, not to mention sampling some wines from his winery I have a few of his wines on my shopping list. He is a lovely man. Tetsuya will be able to tell you a lot more about him then I can.

    Next time you are in Australia I hope you get a chance to take some time off when you will be in Western Australia and visit I have met Vanya Cullen. She is a lovely lady. Extemely passionate about wine and winemaking. Her wine is certified biodanamic and organic. Cannot wait to try her 2005 releases.


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