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Behind the Tower Theater
We figured out this afternoon that most of us are mixing up memories of Fresno and Modesto.

Some thoughts about the music we are playing this season. As an intro to Carrousel (different versions of which you can find here and here) we play a new piece, which I am going to record for the next album. I noticed that the new music I am writing has more rhythm and tempo changes than usual. Maybe that’s a reaction to so much music staying at the same tempo throughout… including my own. Now I want to hear changes within a piece. The aforementioned Carrousel intro switches between three rhythms and tempi. Another new piece we are playing in the second set switches between Tangos and Rumba rhythms and a 6/8 section. It feels very organic and natural to me. When the rhythms switch seamlessly it is a great kick.

We signed up to play the Wave festival in Los Angeles at the Greek Theater on September 29th. Since Stevo has a family thing that weekend and Davo might be in Brazil, we put a new quartet together for the occasion: Barrett Martin and Robby Rothschild will augment Jon and myself. Jon and I have been wanting to hear those two play together and this will be a fun one-off.


  1. Boris

    Barrett and Robby?!?! End of September?!?! Why – is – this – so – far – away?!?! And *******, it seems that by the end of September the master programme I applied for starts……………….. :(

    P.S. The other thing you mentioned, that the present quartet might be well received in Europe, well, that’s an idea that might be worth exploring a little further!

  2. Anna

    Ottmar, I agree with Boris!!

    September is definately the month I want to be in USA. You are playing in LA, and my favourite tenor Vittorio Grigolo is performing in La Bohem in DC.

  3. Adam Solomon

    Ooooooooooooh, how I’d like to be in L.A. late September….well, I’ll let the aunt + uncle know at least. Enjoy that drum duet ;) Looking forward to see the rhythm changes in NYC – thanks for the heads up on that!


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