First Day of Tour

02007-06-07 | Performance, Touring | 1 comment

Arrived in Phoenix very early. Bus dropped me off at a TV station for a morning show.
I played for four or five bumpers, going to commercials or returning to program from commercial, did an interview and played a song. Took this photo while I was waiting for my ride to Tucson.

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  1. carol

    Phoenix concert thurs.une 7th was the best medicine I have taken in a long time.I webr to the consert with aches and pains from my arithritis and a hard day at work, and I left feeling wonderful. :)
    Music is the best medicine.
    I can’t keep still when I hear your music. My head bobs,my feet move and my knees become my bongo. I was amazed to watch the audiance, such restraint they had, few heads moving. I hope I didn’t disturb anyone around me as I moved with your music


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