Which Sting Hurts the Worst?

02007-05-19 | Nature, Writing | 3 comments

Retrospectacle: A Neuroscience Blog
3.0 Paper wasp: Caustic & burning. Distinctly bitter aftertaste. Like spilling a beaker of Hydrochloric acid on a paper cut.

Man lets himself get stung by a large variety of insects and rates the pain… quite poetic, like little haikus about pain, life, love?


  1. stephen duros

    How do I get that gig?

  2. yumiko

    1.0 Sweat bee: Light, ephemeral, almost fruity.
    Fragrance description.

    3.0 Red harvester ant: Bold and unrelenting.
    A wine.

    3.0 Paper wasp: Caustic & burning. Distinctly bitter after taste

    4.0+ Bullet ant: Pure, intense, brilliant pain.
    ….love prior to being jaded.

    an additional thought to Bullet ant:

    Love is not always followed by jaded. There is just love in a pure state with “brilliant pain (depth)”. Not a rule that it is to be followed by the “distinctly bitter after taste”, of the Paper wasp symptoms.

  3. Jacqueline

    Lol you really do build and immunity and learn to breathe it off !

    While drifting its seems fitting to be stung frequently….Taken bee pollen
    really helped !



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