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Warning: geek post…

I bought a Treo 650 in January of 2005 – until I saw that entry I would have sworn I’ve had that phone for at least three years… Anyway, I got tired of the Treo crashing several times a day and since Palm seems to develop their phones at a snail’s pace and nothing new seems to be in their pipeline (except for some vague promises of a new Linux-based OS for late this year) – I jumped ship and went for the new Nokia N95.

Why didn’t I wait for Apple’s upcoming iPhone? I don’t like that the iPhone is tied to one provider: AT+T – also see this. I don’t like that there is no removable battery or SIM. When the battery dies you have to send in the phone and you can’t even switch the SIM-card to another old phone you might have lying around. You will be without a phone until it is returned to you. The iPhone will not have a decent camera, nor will it have GPS.

The N95 on the other hand sports GPS, maps, Wi-Fi (and VOIP via Truphone!), a nice 5MP camera (the N95 can also upload a photo directly to my Flickr account), video and music playback (and a real headphone plug), a very decent screen – and it is very small and light.

OK, I sometimes miss the QWERTY keyboard, but the N95 hasn’t crashed once, it perfectly syncs (something the Treo could never get right – not even with third-party sync software!) my contacts and calendar via Apple’s iSync, and adding video or music is as simple as dragging content to the USB-connected phone on the desktop. And the built-in loudspeakers are actually quite decent…

This N95 will do me nicely for a couple of years. By then Palm will either have a decent new phone or they will be out of business, and Apple will either have perfected the iPhone or gotten out of the mobile-phone biz…

PS: the N95’s cellphone radiation level is only about 25% of the Treo’s radiation.


  1. ~C4Chaos

    good points. but Nokia N97 is coming out soon :)

    yeah, the iPhone limitations suck big time. i’ll just wait it out until all the kinks, pricing, and service features are ironed out.

    i’m still happy with my old RAZR.


  2. Curt

    Does the Nokia sync up in your Prius?

  3. Luz

    Just the other day I read a review about this same phone. Overall, the reviewer touched on some of the exact points you just mentioned. I’ve always like Nokia phones myself. My contract is up in 2008 and right now Nokia seems to be leading the pact. Enjoy.

  4. ottmar

    C: I saw that yesterday. But, unlike the N95 it does not appear to have a lens-protector, which would be foolish and leads me to believe that’s just a photoshop. And, yes, there is always something else around the corner.

  5. Will

    I would miss the full keyboard. I have a Motorola Q right now and it is awesome. Battery life is so-so, but with an extended battery it will go for a day or 2. I think you will miss the full keyboard.

  6. Anna

    I am looking for a new handset. I had a look at N95 yesterday. My contract expired in December and I am yet still to find a phone.


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