Penguin Gets Wanderlust

02007-05-14 | Nature, News, Travel | 2 comments

Penguin Gets Wanderlust, Travels 3,000 Miles (TreeHugger)
Magellanic by name, magellanic by game. One penguin took its famous namesake to heart, waddling 5000km—that’s 3,100 miles for you non-metric types—from its native Magellan islands in southern Chile to Peru’s Paracas national reserve. To put this in perspective, that’s like toddling cross-country from New York to California, which can’t be a trifling feat for a small flightless fowl.


  1. v2or

    Non realated question. Will you be doing any touring out east this summer or any time soon? Thanks

  2. laurie

    maybe it is a related question – sometimes musicians get wanderlust… perhaps
    a certain group of guys from the southwest will find themselves out east after all.
    Maine is lovely in the summer… (a not so subtle hint BTW) Hey, but I’m willing to travel to a concert in a far away place. (So well worth it and sometimes i get wanderlust too…)


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