NAB 2007 7-Series Firmware

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NAB 2007 7-Series Firmware Preview | Sound Devices, LLC
“Our 7-Series recorders continue to gain new, important features through our no-charge firmware updates,” says Jon Tatooles, Managing Director. He adds, “We are especially excited for customers to explore recording data-compressed files using our on-board FLAC encoder and PC software decompression tool. FLAC greatly enhances CF cards as an effective interchange medium.”

Great news! Apple, please add FLAC capability to the iPod and iTunes!
Found a photo of my 722, which is the little recorder at the top right of the image.


  1. Dave

    It turns out there is a way to play native .flac files in itunes.

    The setup is a bit convoluted, but it worked great when I tried it. Basically, in addition to the quicktime component I mentioned before, there’s a second component to get it to recognize the .flac container. With those two, any quicktime app can play native FLAC. If you want to import the file into itunes, there’s one other step to trick itunes into importing it.

    Surprisingly, it only took 11 seconds for itunes to convert a 4:46 track from FLAC to apple Lossless on my intel imac.

  2. ottmar

    Dave – thanks!!!


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