New rail speed record

02007-04-03 | Technology, Travel | 4 comments

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | French set new rail speed record
A French high-speed train (TGV) has smashed the world record for a train on conventional rails by a big margin, reaching 574.8km/h (356mph).

That is about 60km/h faster than the old record. Impressive. More trains, less planes! Most of my journey in Europe this month will be on trains – and I will bring my 722 recorder to capture some clickety-clack…


  1. Will

    I remember taking the TGV from Paris to Lyon. Fun trip and a nice ride.

  2. Jacqueline

    Now I am excited , have a wonderful safe journey, and record and write your poetic beauty , seen threw your eyes! Trains and noise …Oh joy!

    Take care and enjoy your self family and memories


  3. Melodie Sproul

    Sounds like a blast. We look forward to seeing some clips. Have a great tour!!! :-D

  4. Carol

    I read where it was keeping up with the jet planes above it taking photos of it.
    sigh, I’m jealous of France. I wish we had an efficient rail system.
    I wonder what made us go backwards there.
    You’ll have fun, and we’ll enjoy the sounds. I find sounds you have of the train terminal in Cologne like nothing else. You always know how to present them to a persons feeling part. and now there will be more…


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