Guess This Noise #9

02007-03-31 | Sound | 8 comments

Here is the solution.


  1. stephen duros

    Shaking a chain or chord that lifts up a garage door

  2. Adam Solomon

    I don’t know Steve, I feel like there’s too much of a booming percussion-ish sound, as opposed to the clanky noise that just shaking a chain makes.

    But I think it might be something similar to that, that idea of a garage door being opened. It’s slower, less precise, and probably smaller, maybe lifting some sort of old door to a shed kind of thing?

  3. Matt Callahan

    I imagine a swinging door like you might find separating a kitchen and a restaurant dining area.

  4. Carol

    Something is blowing in the wind maybe metal sign is banging aginst something?

  5. stephen duros

    Adam, maybe not a chain, I know what you mean, not a chain link sounding thing there but something rattling against a metal garage door or shaking it possibly.

  6. Boris

    Regenschauer auf einem Plexiglasdach. Oder wenn die Dachrinne leckt und Wind geht, dann wird das herabtropfende Wasser verweht.

  7. Marla

    Tennis shoe in dryer. BIG tennis shoe.

  8. Jackie Dassler

    Reminds me of a metal trashcan I had a run in with when I was five that left a nice scar on my forehead….


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