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~C4Chaos: Take a few paragraphs to describe a perfect world
I think C. has an interesting view. Most of it is reasonable and worth pondering.

Not One, Not Two. Here and here and here are a few things I wrote in the past, which may or may not be relevant. Basically, I don’t like to divide absolute and relative. They are not separate and therefore separating them is a just an intellectual exercise. Nothing wrong with an exercise as long as we don’t get stuck in that way of thinking.


  1. Will

    There is one fatal flaw in his thesis….

    1.”religious differences are tolerated yet dogma is thrown away whenever it cannot withstand the rigorous test of scientific inquiry”

    In todays society Religion and Science are viewed as absolutes. In his thesis he states. “The absolute is unfathomable to grasp because it can never be imagined. Whatever we think of the absolute, it’s not it.” If we can’t imagine or grasp an absolute how can we test them against each other. And how can you claim one as being more noteworthy than the other.

    To a scientist evolution is an absolute to a Christian creation is an absolute. If the world is ever changing can we really say anything is absolute. Just some thoughts to ponder.

  2. Will

    Lets say a chocolate chip cookie is made up of two parts, chocolate chips (Absolute) and dough (Relative). If there is no dough without chocolate chip and no chocolate chip without dough; what are they just a chocolate chip cookie or in the case of the matter at hand “being”? What happens if I want to make sugar cookies, do I have to bring the chocolate chips along with the dough to make a chocolate chip sugar cookie? And if they don’t exist apart do they truly have a definition; are they unknown?

  3. Carol

    Thank you for letting us reread your thoughts on it all. It’s fun to ponder on the temporary ground that we stand on. Strange how I don’t worry about the basis of my existence. I do love life whatever it and the friends we get to know along the way.


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