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Zoocheck Canada Inc. – About Zoocheck Canada
For more than 20 years, Zoocheck has been a leading voice for the protection of wild animals. We are the only Canadian organization with a specific focus on captive wild animal issues and problems.


Last week, Zoocheck Canada released The Sad State of Captive Elephants in Canada, a new report by African elephant biologist Winnie Kiiru. After visiting all seven facilities housing elephants, Ms. Kiiru concluded that elephants in Canadian zoos are suffering, primarily due to lack of space, inappropriate social groupings and an unsuitable climate. According to Kiiru, who has extensive experience studying wild elephants in Kenya, every zoo elephant display in Canada fails to satisfy the biological and behavioural needs of elephants. Kiiru went further and said that the practice of keeping elephants in Canada is unethical, unjustified and should be discontinued. You can check out the report here(PDF).


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