Guess This Noise #5

02007-02-28 | Sound | 20 comments

Courtesy of Canton comes this new noise. Yes, I need to figure out what the winner should get and I owe something to the last winner, Marla. I’ll think of something – send me an email.

No photo of this noise.
Ottmar: The sound is air escaping from a balloon, yes?
Canton: Yes exactly. I think the technical term is “balloon fart”.


  1. brolix

    A rubber balloon in a cardboard box??

  2. stephen duros

    An old rotary telephone

  3. Jasmine

    I hear a deck of cards or thick stack of heavy paper being shuffled

  4. Carol

    I tried a carrot in a food processor, but no. More like a wood chipper when I have it way loud. Surely that’s it!

  5. Anna

    The first two thing that comes to mind are either an exhaust pipe, or an expulsion of air. I’ll have to listen to it again later….

  6. Mixalis

    An old harley that won’t start

  7. laurie

    my first thought was an old rotary phone too but it’s not quite sounding like the one i have- sounded like there was more air involved as well as something mechanical that is restting itself- maybe a rubber baloon attached to a rotary phone?…haha

    it sounds familiar…

  8. dave

    It sounds like a a balloon deflating.

  9. Carol

    Rotary phone? That could be it. I wish I still had one around.

  10. Marla

    I thought balloon too but it sounds more mechanical to me…maybe one of those vertical wheels you spin to win a prize?

  11. Eno

    air being let out of a balloon.

  12. Anna

    Hearing the sound again, makes me think of something fan forced, possible a fan motor starting up.

  13. Rod

    It is a spring type door stop being “sprung”. Used to love that as a kid.

  14. Michael

    Old (Antique) Airplane Toy (on a string).

  15. Jackie

    I’m probably totally off…but it sounds like the “rattle snake eggs” joke with the rubber band is twisted in an envelope and when you let go it rattles…sounds kind of like that.

  16. Rod

    I hope it is ok to guess twice. I used to also make a sound like that by holding a ruler over the edge of a desk and flipping the overhanging part. As it is vibrating, you can lengthen and shorten the overhang to change the vibration speed.

  17. Anna

    Snow Blower; Leaf Blower; Lawn Mower – sound like the motor starting up!

  18. Heather

    A slinky….

  19. laurie

    the return of a typewriter carriage?

  20. Babz

    Whoopee Cushion


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