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Last week I received an email from I-I containing the foreword Ken Wilber wrote for an upcoming book by Genpo Roshi on Big Mind Process. I asked Roshi when the book would be published and he emailed me a copy of it. I just finished reading it. It’s a beautiful book, a very important one, I think. It will be published in Spring and I will keep you posted.

Found a
Dutch video on Genpo Roshi and the Big Mind Process – in English with Dutch Sub-titles.


  1. Jackie Dassler

    Thank you for sharing; this was a very intersting video and I look forward to reading the book.

  2. laurie

    I saw the Big Mind video last weekend and thought he should be writing a book about it. I wanted to hear more so i look forward to reading it. I am waiting for the Practice of the Wild to arrive at the library – another one i look forward to…

    Also watched the Kham medical pilgramage video and am just amazed by the
    grace and will of the people. I can only imagine what your experience was like… I enjoyed the dance the boys were doing – so much joy and life.

    Thank you for the time and care you put into this diary/blog. I never know
    what i am going to find – insight, knowledge, discussion, new things to
    discover, even a game now and then. It is very generous of you…

  3. Ruth

    Thank you for the heads-up Ottmar.
    I have seen Genpo’s other books, but they don’t seem to deal specifically with the Big Mind process. So this new one is very welcome! Please do keep us posted. I’ll be first in line to buy a copy. Cheaper than going to Utah. (Though somehow I suspect I will end up doing that sooner or later…)


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