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02007-02-07 | Internet, Movies, Technology | 2 comments

Amazon’s Unbox video downloads headed for your TiVo
Amazon and TiVo are teaming up to get Unbox video downloads into your living room.
(Via Engadget)

1. less plastic (DVDs), less packing material, less shipping = presumably lower carbon footprint.
2. people will want to get their movies even faster, i.e. not wait 5 hours to download a movie, and that will lead to competition for faster net connection.
3. a major competition between Amazon/Tivo, WalMart and Apple is bound to improve these movie services quickly.


  1. stephen duros


  2. Victor

    I am also wondering how this movement into the on-demand world will ultimately influence TV programming. I think eventually people will just expect it for all programming. Of course this doesn’t fit with the current network broadcast structure so should be interesting!


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