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Santa Fe is still cold, but now the sun shines. We came home yesterday, uplifted by a very nice performance at the Paramount in Austin.

Photo by Stephen Duros

Performances at the Paramount always tend to be a better than average and I blame a combination of good acoustics, beautiful venue, the nice vibe of the city Austin and its people, and last but not least a great audience. Thanks to all who came to see us on this little run. There might be a few more Texas performances sometime in the Summer after dates in Florida and Puerto Rico.


  1. Peter Bellonci

    My wife and I joined Barbara at the Paramount Theatre here in Austin for a most enjoyable evening and appreciate her recent comments.
    I listen ( and dance) to music as I sculpt – and enjoy a wide range of music including several of your albums on my ipod. The website is http://www.peterontherocks.com. I hope you enjoy seeing the work – as I enjoy listening to yours.
    Thank you-
    Peter Bellonci
    ps Be sure to go to “New Works” and click on any piece to see an animated view from all sides.

  2. Brandon

    Tour Dates in P.R.? Outstanding. Will look forward to that!
    Have you read “Bone of the Master”? Wonderful book.

  3. anna

    Ottmar, looking forward to your next trip to Sydney, Australia.

  4. laurie

    welcome home ottmar – uplifted is a good way to arrive home from a journey, short or long.

  5. Gudrun

    Anna, no offence meant! He should to travel to Germany as soon as possible……….I always have a glimmer of hope……:)

  6. llindaskaye

    Ottmar, really nice to read your letters…did you learn english while travellinge…!? that is how i hope to learn german and other languages…is snowe usual for sante fe…i don’t remember…had thought usually only in the mountaines…really very nice your site withe pictures and links…muchas gracias amigoeas…muy bueno…alwayes amore y paz, llindaskaye e.p. *******

  7. Anna

    Gudrun, non taken. :-)

    All I am saying is that I am looking forward to his next trip to Sydney.


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