In the Arms of Love

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CultureCourt tells me that the In the Arms of Love remix from nouveaumatic was downloaded 3223 times from their site during this first week of January –

…this is yet another CC record. Dare say it’s small change in the big world… yet it tells me that a) this mix is a growing hit b) that a quality techno approach is a very viable form with a huge cross-market audience.

You can find In the Arms of Love in our ListeningLounge, where you can obtain a high-quality uncompressed audio file of the piece for a buck.


Look at this, Ottmar… here’s the figure today:
4794 downloads of In the Arms of Love/nouveaumatic since the beginning of January.
That’s another 1500 in the last 12 hours!

Um, I just hope that some of those people will visit the ListeningLounge someday…


  1. Carol

    In the arms of Love is always new, always makes me feeall cradled and nesteled in the arms of love. I’m glad more and more are finding it all the time. It doesn’t come on like a tidal wave, more like a gentle hot tub.

  2. Carol

    Oops And do I worry about spelling correctly. Not a bit. I’m just happily listening to your music.

  3. Kim

    “In the Arms of Love” CD is in the bag I carry as a substitute teacher. I use it as background music when the students are involved in a lesson that requires creativity, such as a writing assignment. I have also used it as soothing music when younger students have a few minutes of relaxation time in the afternoon.

  4. Carol

    I used ottmar’s music a lot in the classroom. They asked for it, and they got it.


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