One Train Later

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Andy Summers: One Train Later

The Taoists described the act of meditation as facing an unsculpted block of time, and the musician as he extemporizes creates a dream, a suspended state.

Still, he recounts a beautiful incident with the cleaning lady who listens as he plays some Charlie Parker improv on his acoustic in his hotel room. “She sits quietly on the floor and closes her eyes, listening intently. It is akin to playing to a deer in the forest, a tremulous moment when you might easily scare the creature away.” Yes, that’s it – the Poet speaks.

Lawrence Russell @ CultureCourt reviews Andy Summers’ book. The review is brilliant and I ordered the book already.


  1. alejandra

    Hola!! Soy una gran admiradora de su talento con la música. También quiero aprovechar para desearle un felíz año 2007 y que Dios derrame muchas bendiciones en su vida. Éxitos!!!

    Un gran abrazo desde Guatemala!!

  2. John

    I just finished the book a month ago, great read. Particularity his relationship to Zen and love for practicing the guitar, enjoy. Peace – John

  3. Luz

    The book does indeed sound interesting and as soon as payday gets here I’ll put my order in as well. Thanks for the rec.

  4. Boris

    Sounds like an interesting read indeed.


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