Texas in January

02006-12-18 | Performance, Touring | 10 comments

We added a few shows with the quartet in January.


  1. Luz

    Hmmm, not seeing Houston yet and unfortunately the other shows are in the middle of the week to make any of those! Hoping Santa Claus delivers my Christmas wish soon! ;-)

  2. Mario

    I second that!

  3. vic

    Will you be doing any shows out east New York- Washington DC area as a quartet ?

  4. Rik

    Please! A Houston date would be very much appreciated. Attended the shows in ’03 and ’04, but missed the ’05. Can’t go 2 years.

  5. ottmar

    Whether we perform in Houston depends entirely on getting a suitable offer from a promoter in that city. If we don’t receive an offer we think is fair, we cannot perform there. I personally enjoy performing in Houston very much and know that we have a wonderful audience there.

  6. Luz

    What’s the name of that promoter?! Just kidding! Umm, ever thought of Corpus Christi, Texas? They have a wonderful Performing Arts Center @ the University and they just got a new arena down by the bay. A weekend show would be perfect! Just a subtle suggestion. ;-)

  7. Rik

    Here is the response I received from the company that promoted the past concerts here in Houston.

    Thank you for contacting us regarding your inquiry. When an artist goes on tour, their management company and record label are responsible for routing their tour. I will be happy to pass your information along to our talent department, but generally if you would like to see an artist perform in your area it is best to contact their management company, record label or contact the artist through their Official web site.

    (company name left off intentionally to avoid trouble)

    Is there still a chance for us if these guys will play ball?

  8. ottmar

    Ric –
    Well, that’s just bull. They have known our routing for weeks, if not months. Routing a tour depends on an offer first of all, but also availability of the venue at the right time, distance from the previous gig and distance to the following gig etc… and of course whether the offer to the artist is fair.
    We have been performing at the Verizon Center in Houston for years and I seem to remember that we had a sellout in 2004. I don’t get involved in these matters, and trust my agent to decide whether a promoter has made a suitable offer which fits into our schedule.

  9. Rik

    I just noticed an inconsistency in the January dates that might allow me to make it to the Austin show. Each venue shows their performance date to be a day later than the Tour Schedule. I don’t mean to keep harping…I just really want to experience the show.

  10. ottmar

    You harp to me, then I harp to my agent, then both of us find out the truth… hope the 25th works for you. The Paramount is fabulous and we always enjoy performing there!


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