Thursday in Boston

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At 11 AM I get picked up to go to a public radio station in Worcester, WICN. From 1 to 2PM I am guest on a radio program that’s called Jazz New England. The host has a beautifully nebulous definition of Jazz. We talk and play few tracks from the CDs La Semana, Winter Rose, and One Guitar, and I play one piece live. In the evening, two shows at Scullers, at 8 and 10PM. 14 shows in 12 days! Feels good to play so much.


  1. laurie

    your getting closer! Looking forward to seeing/hearing you tomorrow night in Camden, Maine.

  2. Boris

    Feels good to play so much! That’s hard to imagine for a non-musician but it’s fantastic to hear for a fan of yours. Certainly it’d be wonderful to listen as much to you playing …

  3. Chris Kriesen

    We saw your first show at Scullers (the third in three years there) and were delighted with the balance of music and images. That set goes by fast!

  4. Gudrun

    It’s hard to hear for a musician, who hasn’t so much possibilities and time to play! But I agree with you without envy, Boris. I’m also a passionate listener.

  5. dave

    Great show Friday (10 PM)! Thanks for signing One Guitar. I was going to ask a question when you signed it but it was busy. Still practicing Fractured?


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