Caught Spam

02006-11-11 | Internet | 2 comments

Akismet has caught 10,074 spam for you since you first installed it.

Yikes! Anybody else think that Spam is getting out of hand?


  1. Chaeber

    Spams a killer and way out of hand

  2. Adam Solomon

    Ouch! Yes, I’ve noticed it too, spam seems to be multiplying pretty quickly, but at least gmail’s spam filters used to be pretty solid at catching it all…until the last couple of days, when they suddenly seemed to stop. Now over half my incoming messages (that don’t get caught by the filter) are spam. Insanity. Who thinks someone will actually read, much less buy something in, a message titled “354jk34n53jlk5 FREE PENSENLARGEMENT PHOTOSHOP XP”?


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