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Lost or forgot my Moleskine notebook at SFO. It was jam-packed with notes and I am still hoping that someone has found it.

What have I learned?
Don’t get close to any yaks as they are unpredictable – and very fast considering their size…
Always pass a stupa or mani-stones on the left side.
Walk around a temple in clock-wise direction (inside or outside).
Turn prayer wheels in a clock-wise direction.
Don’t walk too close behind a Tibetan horse as they may kick back.
Any clothing item made from New Zealand Merino wool rocks and Oakley makes some damn fine boots!
The Voltaic backpack works.
A simple metal cup is better than a double-walled insulated cup, because it warms up the hands.
When it is cold even hot Tang is gratefully ingested.
Bring the warmest sleeping bag you can fit in your duffel.


  1. Matt Callahan

    All valuable lessons to be sure. I hope the Moleskine shows up.

    Welcome home!

  2. Ole Eichhorn

    Welcome back!

    Did you compose some music during your travels? Or is that a silly question :)

  3. Patrick Chudleigh

    But did you learn anything REALLY important?

  4. salma

    Sorry to hear that you lost your Moleskine notebook, I hope whoever finds it, will forward it to you. It must have so many precious moments and memories to share. It’s true that there are so many new things which we learn through experience.
    Ottmar, thanks for sharing your experiences through writing and photos.

  5. Victor

    What altitude were you living at most of that time? Have you felt any effects from it?

    And what has it been like coming back to living in this little corner of the world?!

  6. ottmar

    We were mostly at altitudes around 13,000, and trekked across three passes that were 16,000-16,500 feet. I woke up a couple of times gasping for air, but other than that I had no problems. I had the advantage of coming from Santa Fe (7,000 feet) which helped. Well, coming back is another story. That has been the harder part.


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