Some Women See in More Colors

02006-09-20 | Nature | 2 comments

Minding the Planet: Some Women See in More Colors Than the Rest of Us
This article discusses an interesting fact — some women have extra color receptors enabling them to distinguish a vastly larger range of colors than everyone else. Instead of seeing in 3 colors, they see in 4 – enabling them to tell the difference between 100 million different colors.


  1. Carol

    Doesn’t it make you wonder about the differences in what all our senses bring to us compared to others. Is the world unique to each of us in that way?

  2. Laura & Nathaniel

    Interesting, Carol – Yes. And for the HSPs of the world (“Highly Sensitive People” – of which Elaine Aron, Ph.D has written is about 1 in 5 of us) most all of our senses are very highly tuned — so life gets pretty intense sometimes! And when it comes to listening to something as beautiful as Ottmar’s music – that extra sensitivity is warmly welcomed.


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