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Autumn is here. The mornings a brisk and clear. It is apple season and at the Farmers Market one can find delicious varieties from Northern New Mexico. I have been going to the market every week as the produce is superior and it is a nice community event.

SSRI News: We added Barrett Martin’s album Painted Desert to the ListeningLounge. Tentative arrival of Stephen Duros’ Thira CD is mid-october.

I will perform by myself at GIG in Santa Fe on Saturday, November 18th.

Lunch with Canton at Annapurna resulted in the new bar below each Diary entry that allows you to add the entry to a variety of different networking sites.

Two bumperstickers seen in the Casa Solana parking lot:
My other car is a bicycle
My Hybrid beats up your Hummer


  1. Victor

    You’re kidding, right?! I mean, for $20 you can have a concert experience that would be pretty much like seeing Ottmar Liebert play in his living room?! Geez man, don’t make me drive all the way down there again! ;-)

    PS: I noticed the “Transit Trio” was also on the GIG lineup for Oct. 12! Can hardly wait for Transit 2 and Thira!

  2. Boris

    @ Victor: all the way? Hey, it’s not that far…… :) (On November 18th, I e.g. have to be in some town you might have never heard of which is called Bielefeld, yeck…….)

  3. Panj

    I have to post this here to make sure you got a rousing Bon Voyage and let you know that I found the Music on your album ‘1’ simple, elegant, complete, with a Magical ability to step down tension a step or two or three…may your Journey be most wonderful…Happy Centering!

  4. Luz

    @Victor–least you can drive and I’m sure Matt would not be too far behind you!

  5. Adam Solomon

    Anyone mind taking a quick detour to pick me up on the way? :D

  6. Matt Callahan

    Ha! A post full of goodness! As soon as I’m done here, I’ll be off to download The Painted Desert. I’ve been listening to Earthspeaker all week and enjoying it more each time.

    Luz, you know me so well. I checked flights to ABQ this afternoon. Not too bad right now. Now to check the family schedule. This could happen.

  7. Anonymous

    The only thing between me and being there is International Date Line :-)
    If I lived anywhere in USA I would be there.

  8. Jackie Dassler

    Only 65 seats…..does this mean, I might have to camp outside the door to be sure to have a seat. To bad GIG doesn’t sell tickets online! I missed the Albuquerque concert in August (family trip) :-(


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