Bonfire Of The Brands

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Bonfire Of The Brands

Bonfire Of The Brands is a book by Neil Boorman to be published in 2007 by Canongate. A label-obsessed journalist and music promoter, Neil is going to burn all his branded goods in an attempt to re-evaluate his lifestyle. The burning date has been set for 17.09.06. This blog is a diary of his journey towards a brand-free lifestyle.

While the desire for a brand-free lifestyle is laudable, burning all of the branded goods, sure to include a lot of different plastics and glues, is a really stupid idea. Why not give it away?

We love the grand gesture, don’t we. Simply not reading a book we don’t approve of is not enough! It has to burned, or at least banned. And in this case simply giving away the goods isn’t good enough, not grand enough, not enough of a gesture.


  1. Carol

    Siddhartha or St. Francis he ain’t. That’s a pretty flamboyant way to announce one’s return to simplicity. Besides, that kind of extremism is ridiculous. I’m not tempted to buy his book. Let’s see, it’s published under what brand?

  2. James

    How often stupid ideas are born from the need to promote something. I suspect this time the book more than the lifestyle.
    I have found a great venue for giving away items is


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