Tighter Security Is Jeopardizing Orchestra Tours

02006-08-15 | News, Touring | 2 comments

Tighter Security Is Jeopardizing Orchestra Tours – New York Times
Those husky cellos need an extra ticket. Hey, security! Watch that priceless Stradivarius. Double-reed players? They have long given up on carrying aboard those valuable knives and shaping tools used to mold the cane that transforms their breath into lyrical sounds.

And now, with new concerns about carry-on baggage in the wake of Britain’s reported terrorist plot, it has gotten tougher.


  1. Carol

    And now with some lithium batteries starting fires, there will be even more things not allowed at all on planes I’m afraid.

  2. AdamSolomon

    The effects are far-reaching. Even an orchestra tour isn’t left untouched. It’s a meticulous balancing act, no? How much should we have to pay to save lives? Of course no one would suggest loosening restrictions to help orchestras, etc., if it ends up costing lives, but it’s tough to have to sacrifice so much in the process. Even water bottles are becoming security risks these days…

    Carol makes a good point, by the way, about the batteries. I wonder how much damage a battery exploding could cause–if one thought hard enough, there is probably a security-avoiding way to amplify that, too. I do remember reading that if you leave it on or in standby in the overhead compartment, it could heat up and explode the battery.


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