Sunday – San Juan Capistrano

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Beach Cities Pizza was recommended to us by some locals. The box proudly proclaims:

Our obsession with detail combine to make Beach Cities Pizza the best pizza on earth.

Wow, there is so much wrong with that sentence! Please start over. While I don’t think that a fine command of the English language is a prerequisite to making good food, I do think one should be very careful with claims like best on earth! It has to be noted that this is definitely a claim that cannot be sustained. We agreed unanimously that much better pizza can be had in many locations on this planet.

It is always nice to end a tour on a high note, and we accomplished that tonight at the Coachhouse. The stage is small at the Coachhouse, and the people are so close that one can (almost) reach out and shake hands between songs… We had a great time!

We found a photo on the wall of the club that I had signed and dated 1991. That means that three of us performed here 15 years ago.


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