Tuesday – Tucson

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Early morning walk:
Hotel Congress
Afternoon Clouds:
A big, big thunder storm starts about an hour before our concert. A deluge of water whips across the yard behind the theater. The canales of the surrounding buildings become waterfalls. Lightning looks like flash photography!
We use a momentary lull in the downpour to get into the venue. I point at a steady leak a few feet from the theater’s monitor console and a bunch of electrical outlets, but Alan seems confident that there is no danger.

We have seen a lot of change at the Rialto Theater in the last decade and are told that more renovations are happening in the coming months. I like playing here and we are making good music tonight.


  1. Rob

    Glad to hear you enjoy playing Arizona! Excellent show in Phoenix on Wednesday. We really enjoyed the electric guitar you added – what a fantastic effect. We’re hoping to find some tracks or maybe an entire disc – BIG HINT – on Listening Lounge featuring that spacey, wah wah, heavy reverb type of sound. Don’t know where you come up with this stuff, but keep it up!

  2. Suzanne

    We love you all in Tucson! Thanks for always including us on your tour. Great picture of the clouds. We ate at the Cup Cafe before the show. Came out to see the ominous black storm clouds forming behind the neon Hotel Congress sign. Very creepy! Wish I had a camera with me. Look forward to seeing you all next time you come through town.


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