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02006-08-01 | Guitar, Touring | 6 comments

Yes!! I found Colorado Case in Fort Collins, Colorado, who make soft cases and covers. They have a specific cover for the Accord case and covers for a number of different Calton cases. I just ordered three covers from them. I’ll feel much better about flying with my guitar now. Mind you, I will still try my hardest to carry the guitar on, but this is a nice extra layer of protection for those times that I can’t.

This morning I waited for UPS to deliver the guitar Lester DeVoe repaired for me – but it did not come. Turns out UPS screwed up, but they delivered it in the afternoon. Better late than never… Now the two Negra sisters are re-united and the new top on Negra2 sounds fantastic already.

PS: Small Dog Case Covers are substantially less expensive and should work just as well.


  1. ottmar

    Thank you Anna. I think the Quantas statement shows that there isn’t actually a hard rule, but that it is up to the individual Quantas employees to decide whether a musical instrument may be carried on board. What pisses me off is that the baggage handlers must have really thrown my case around on the flight from Sydney to Adelaide because the scrapes and dents (see Flickr slideshow) are all from that day. Gratuitous violence against an inanimate object.

  2. yumiko

    guitar repaired = great news!

  3. Anna

    Ottmar, you are welcome but I haven’t done anything. I am totally appalled by the total disrespect that the baggage handlers have shown.

    I just called the airlines and they told me that when damage to the goods occurs, you have to take the guitar & case to the baggage handlers at the airport within 7 days and they will do damage evaluation on your property.

  4. cocaseco

    Actually, the difference in price between Small Dog and Colorado Case is around $15…not so substantial. However, the difference in performance and value is substantial. The Colorado Case Company cover is the only one of the two that is designed, enginereed and tested to provide thermal protection. Additionally, it is much more durable and abrasian resistant. The Small Dog cover is an entry level product, not designed for a serious road musician. The warranty on the Small Dog is one year. The Warranty on a Colorado Case Compnay cover is the life of the original purchaser.

    Steve Simmons
    President, Colorado Case Company (and manufacturer of Small Dog case covers)

  5. ottmar

    No need to convince me. I own three Colorado Cases and am very happy with them. Maybe the price difference was greater in 2006, when I wrote the above post, and before Small Dog was bought by Colorado Case?



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