Drunk Driving

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Cell phones as dangerous as drunk driving
Is having a cell phone pressed to your ear while behind the wheel the equivalent of driving while intoxicated? According to a study by University of Utah psychologists, the answer is, unfortunately, yes.

“Just like you put yourself and other people at risk when you drive drunk, you put yourself and others at risk when you use a cell phone and drive,” writes David Strayer, a psychology professor and the study’s lead author. “The level of impairment is very similar.”
(Via CNET News.com)

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  1. Susana

    Using a cell phone while driving distracts in at least two ways, first the mechanics of holding the cell phone, dialing, talking into it and second and most important, mentally one is distracted. I have had several near-misses with people trying to drive while on cells. Defensive driving on our part saved us.

    We, as a society, have been so accustomed to multi-tasking in our work and at home that we cannot quiet the mind. Many people need to be “connected” for the fun of it, like the rush that the daredevil feels. Once I heard that there is a gene associated with the daredevil behavior found in extreme sports, sky diving, bungee jumping, racecar driving, etc. and that these are socially acceptable ways to channel the need for speed and danger. Using a cell phone while driving may be okay if one pulls into a rest area or gas station to take the call. I think this one needs to be enforced like the seatbelt law or people just won’t heed it. Be careful out there! Drive defensively. And hang-up and drive!



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