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This year Skype phone calls to regular land-lines in the USA and Canada are free. I bought this telephone, which plugs into the USB-port of a computer and is compatible with Mac as well as PC. Works great. I have called my dad in Austria a couple of times already (works from any Wi-Fi connection I can find on the road) and the sound-quality is good.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Wow, that actually looks very very useful, especially for a college dorm…I’ll keep that in mind, thanks for that!

  2. mary

    One better than Skype is NuPhone! You should check it out…’s VOICE & VIDEO over the internet….. any internet connection including dial up! PC only for now, but MAC compat coming soon! Check it out.

    love you Ottmar!!!

  3. Susana

    I started using Skype last week and was able to talk to my cousin and his wife in South America for free because it’s PC to PC. The connection was great. I’m in Southern California. After so many years to be able to talk to them was quite an experience! They were excited too!


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