Monday Evening

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Santa Barbara Evening 1
After dinner Dave, Jon and I take a walk to the Sojourner for their Mocha Frosted. From 1990 through 1993 the three of us spent quite a bit of time in Santa Barbara, recording the albums Poets & Angels, Borrasca, Solo Para Ti, and The Hours between Night + Day here.


  1. Boris

    You mean the place where the album was recorded (Hours)?!?!? I wonder how much the atmosphere of the place added to the tone of the music…

  2. Mixalis

    Borrasca and Solo Para Ti are still my favorite albums. The new stuff is awesome, however, the earlier music brings back so many nice memories.

  3. Laura Courtens

    I too am grateful for the time you spent here in my hometown of Santa Barbara. Thank you deeply for the music you created while spending hours here. Magnifient – still – forever. We SO much look forward to witnessing your spirits and absorbing your sounds tonight at SoHo. Oh boy- oh boy! I can barely contain my joy. We will bring our light and our smiles – and THANK YOU in advance…..Laura, Nathaniel, Lorie and Jon.


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