Guitarist stirs trek through imagination

Nouveau flamenco guitarist stirs trek through imagination – Houston Chronicle
Ottmar Liebert, nouveau flamenco guitarist and New Age personage, won’t say what inspired the instrumental works on The Scent of Light and Up Close, his newest CDs, or what memories the tracks ignite.

He’s not being obstinate. He just wants his listeners to use their imaginations when they hear the music.

Otherwise, he says, he might as well be writing pop songs with lyrics.

Liebert’s publicity material suggests each track reflects a time and place, like the journal of an itinerant poet or painter.

For example, it seems natural to let your imagination conjure dawn over a rugged mountain landscape during the joyous, hypnotic Morning Light, a standout track from The Scent of Light. Liebert visited Kham, Tibet, in 2006, trekking across 15,000-foot mountains for about six weeks.