Beautiful Morning.
Up @ 06:30.
A couple of black double espressos later I used the Mariachi Bullitt to move my trash and the recycle containers to the drop-off spot in the street. Carrying garbage made FUN!

Started setting up a new digital mix for another Lava track in the studio – this one was given the working title T-Rex #3 in 1995 – while the Canon camera was clicking away in the house, capturing light moving across the white wall…

Here is a quick edit of several time-lapse shoots from the past weeks:

Candlelight – 2 from Ottmar Liebert on Vimeo.

I am looking forward to creating time-lapse videos from photos of the band on stage this month! And maybe I’ll get up real early in Palm Springs and catch a sunrise…

Fixies, Hongkong style… I remember HK to be rather hilly. These guys’ thighs must be in good shape, especially on the downhills.

Received an email with an offer to hear an album somebody made:

If you are at all interested before someone else grabs us… please let us know. We will be sending our CD out shortly to Vegas for Tony Bennett to hear..

Please respond as soon as possible, we are very enthusiastic about our music. We would love to be associated with subspiral studios as we know you are always looking for new talent.

I added the red color. It’s always a good idea to actually know who you are sending a demo to. And that made me wonder what a Subspiral is. Is that a circle? Subspiral = Spiral minus the upward movement = Circle?

The Got 2 Go cassette that became Marita: Shadows + Storms which became Nouveau Flamenco was rejected by dozens of record labels, so believe me, I know what it’s like. Good luck with Tony Bennett, and I mean that. I imagine Tony Bennett and I don’t have a lot of favorite music in common, but who knows, I have never met the guy.

Politics | New Mexico governor signs measure to abolish death penalty | Seattle Times Newspaper
Gov. Bill Richardson signed legislation Wednesday to repeal New Mexico’s death penalty, calling it the “most difficult decision in my political life.”

After I heard the news I revisited the excellent Upaya newsletter from 2009-03-02, which contains a lot of wise words on why to repeal the death penalty. I also came across this:

Upaya Newsletter for 3/2/2009
When a rebel army swept into a town in Korea, all the monks of the Zen temple fled except for the Abbot. The general came into the temple and was annoyed that the Abbot did not receive him with respect. “Don’t you know,” he shouted, “that you are looking at a man who can run you through without blinking?” “And you,” replied the Abbot strongly, “are looking at a man who can be run through without blinking!” The general stared at him, made a bow and retired.

And this:

Upaya Newsletter for 3/2/2009
In Lewis Hyde’s wonderful book, The Gift, he describes dinner in a cheap restaurant in the South of France.

The patrons sit at a long communal table, and each finds before his plate a modest bottle of wine. Before the meal begins, a man will pour his wine not into his own glass but into his neighbor’s. And his neighbor will return the gesture, filling the first man’s empty glass. In an economic sense nothing has happened. No one has any more wine than he did to begin with. But society has appeared where there was none before.

In Japan (((what about Korea, China?))) one does not pour sake for oneself. One always pours sake for each other. If one drinks alone, another patron or the wait-person will fill one’s glass. I believe it is those little things that bind a society together.


PS: wondered whether to release new music to you on Mondays (((it’s the beginning of the week, need a little pick-me-up??))), Tuesdays (((traditional release day for music, since the beginning of time??))) or Fridays (((almost weekend??))). While I think more about that and consult the Iching (((Ha!))) I will add a new song this Friday…

Thursday in Santa Fe

Breakfast with Jon @ Counter Culture. My fixed gear bike was locked up outside. The weather was cold, but sunny and by the time I headed home it was getting too warm for a shirt and a jacket. But, winter might come back briefly as there are snow storm warnings for Santa Fe – for tonight and Saturday.

In the afternoon I added Jon’s new fretless electric bass guitar parts for Sao Paulo – I am re-mixing The Santa Fe Sessions for a 2010 release. Sounds amazing.

A glass of wine (1997 Merry Edwards Pinot Noir) on top of my iPhone running the free Amazon Kindle application – I am reading Bruce Sterling’s latest novel. I like reading from the iPhone. I think it will be really nice to be able to carry a dozen books on the phone when we are touring. Jon also finds the iPhone easy to read from, but K doesn’t like it at all. Being able to have a bunch of books on the iPhone will be fantastic for international tours – by the way it looks like I will do another Solo tour in Germany in October, followed by a visit to Milan. Hope to have dates to share within a couple of weeks.


Friday morning I had coffee with a friend and checked out the roof of his building on the corner of the plaza. My plan was to shoot photos for a timelapse-video from the roof around sunset.

I spent the early afternoon in the studio working on a LAVA track I am remixing. I hope to upload it to Ottmar-Friends for your listening pleasure in April.

In the late afternoon I drove back into town and climbed onto the roof to set up my camera on a tripod and start shooting. The view was quite beautiful, but it was very windy and I could tell the camera was moving a little bit in the wind and so I abandoned the shoot.


Rode my fixie to Counter Culture for breakfast. Left a little late and fell back into old messenger habits, you know, running stop signs and a couple of lights. I have to admit it was great fun, though.

Afterwards I rode to Stone Forest and looked at their collection. Impressive and definitely worth a visit if you come to Santa Fe. From there my path went to Ohori’s to check when they open in the mornings. Am visiting a friend early on Friday morning to check the view from his office or the roof of the building overlooking the Santa Fe plaza. I think it might be a great place for a time-lapse, especially for the hours between night and day.

The afternoon was spent in the studio, where I had loaded the multi-tracks from the 1995 LAVA recordings into the computer using data backup tapes. The LAVA music was mixed on an analog machine in the nineties and today I had fun working on new mixes in the digital world. (((before we sold the analog 2 inch recorder we recorded all of the analog tapes into Pro-Tools))) It sounded amazing, amazing.


Friday afternoon I spent in the studio working on a new mix of Sao Paulo from The Santa Fe Sessions (currently out of print and no longer available from download sites – although we do have a few in stock). I am taking a look at the whole album for re-release in 2010, re-arranging, editing, adding and subtracting. I think I took a nice step forward with the next album I released, 2004’s La Semana, and would like to apply some of that sound to TSFS.

This morning I did a drive-by delivery of the data for Sao Paulo when I slowed down just enough to throw the data-CD into Jon’s yard. Jon will have a fresh listen to the song (sans acoustic upright bass) and will add new fretless bass guitar and synth parts.