Winter Rose (Remastered)

Remastered by OL in the Fall of 2020 and available as lossless files up to 16/44.1kHz. Go to Bandcamp to check out previews.

Ottmar breathes new life into holiday favorites with sensitive, even haunting, arrangements of O Little Town of Bethlehem and O Holy Night. The CD also includes fresh interpretations of classical music, including Fauré's Pavane and Les Roses D'Isphahan and Tchaikovsky's Le Café from The Nutcracker. But perhaps the greatest delight are the six new songs written by Liebert especially for "Winter Rose," including Westcoast, The Longest Night, Kora/River of Stars, and A Sweet Persimmon. Each captures the essence of the season. The result is an album that is both familiar and inventive, heartwarming and evocative.

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  • “Winter Rose (Remastered)”

    Ottmar Liebert

    SSRI 902026 (2020)

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1. Pavane (Remastered) 4:22
2. O Little Town of Bethlehem/City of Ti... 5:16
3. Westcoast (Remastered) 5:57
4. Le Café - Arabian Dance (Remastered) 6:07
5. Away In a Manger/Fiesta 05 (Remastered) 4:04
6. The Longest Night (Remastered) 7:40
7. Kora/River of Stars (Remastered) 7:00
8. Les Roses D'Isphahan (Remastered) 6:21
9. Bells (Remastered) 5:40
10. O Holy Night/Jon's Cello Bass (Remast... 5:38
11. A Sweet Persimmon (Remastered) 5:14
12. Winter Blue (Remastered) 6:17
13. Le Café - Dream of Snow (Remastered) 3:50

Writing + Publishing

All music by Ottmar Liebert, published by Luna Negra Music/BMI + administered by Holland Walk Muse, except:

1 - written by G. Faure + arranged by Otmar Liebert
2 - written by L. Redner + arranged by Ottmar Liebert
4 - written by Tchaikovsky + arranged by Ottmar Liebert
8 - written by G. Faure + arranged by Otmar Liebert
10 - written by A. Adam + arranged by Otmar Liebert
13 - written by Tchaikovsky + arranged by Ottmar Liebert


Producer: OL 4 SSRI

Engineer: OL + Jon Gagan

Studio: Oto-Mare + The Electric Company, Santa Fe

Mastering: Oto-Mare, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mixed by: OL

Mix Medium: Digital

Record Medium: Digital

OL - flamenco guitar, electric guitar, palmas, cajon, field sounds
Jon Gagan - fretless + fretted electric bass guitars, saz, keyboards, breath
Ron Wagner - tablas, dumbek
Robby Rothschild - cajon, kora

Photography - OL

OL played Flamenco guitars by Lester DeVoe. He uses D'Addario strings on all of his guitars. Jon Gagan played Lakland basses + uses D'Addario strings.