Sometime in 2015 I decided to record by myself, without the band, and that I wanted to create slow music. Love whispers while hate screams, and I decided to whisper so softly. I wanted to raise my guitar against the sound of billions of smartphones beeping with the latest news, mentions, likes, and comments, keeping us in a state of constant alarm. I made all of the music on this album with one guitar and one microphone.

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  • “slow”

    Ottmar Liebert

    SSRI 902022 (2016)

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1. Rain 4:47 Rain
2. Lalo Cura 5:59 Lalo Cura
3. Haiku4 0:23 Haiku4
4. Butterfly Dream 4:29 Butterfly Dream
5. Tana's Blue 4:55 Tana's Blue
6. Adrift 3:54 Adrift
7. Haiku1 0:23 Haiku1
8. Love 5:00 Love
9. Ocean 2:31 Ocean
10. Hope 4:22 Hope
11. Haiku2 0:27 Haiku2
12. Elegy 3:55 Elegy
13. Rainbow 1:49 Rainbow
14. Night 5:39 Night
15. Haiku3 0:22 Haiku3
16. Stumbleweed 1:36 Stumbleweed
17. End Less 2:08 End Less

Writing + Publishing

All music written by Ottmar Liebert. Published by Luna Negra Music, adm. by Holland Walk Muse (BMI)


Producer: OL

Engineer: OL

Studio: Oto-Mare in Santa Fe

Mastering: OL @ Oto-Mare

Mixed by: OL @ Oto-Mare

Mix Medium: Digital

Record Medium: Digital

OL - Flamenco Guitar

Photography - OL
Cover Design: Richard Holbrook
Layout: Matt Gannon